DJ EN8 aka Nathan Scot

(Bass Funkers / Bootie SF / Entyme / MDN8)

EN8 is a mashup producer and resident DJ of Bootie SF at the DNA Lounge, the flagship event of the world-famous Bootie Mashup parties.

Known for his work as co-founder of DJ & production duo Entyme along with DJ Tyme, EN8 has become one of Bootie’s headlining DJs spinning creative and unexpected song combinations that span all genres and eras, from the eclectic to high energy dance floor bangers.

His newest projects are Bass Funkers - a monthly bass-driven funk night at Bootie SF with fellow DJ Meikee Magnetic, and MDN8 - a brand new music production collaboration with Bootie’s co-founder DJ Mysterious D.

Upcoming Gigs

Bootie SF: Bootie Classics (June 3)

Bootie SF: Pop Goes The Diva (June 10)

Bass Funkers @ Bootie SF (June 17)

Cisco Live! Las Vegas 2017 (June 25-29)